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Welcome to PlanetUnix Networks

The most popular public service offered by PlanetUnix Networks is our Mirror Service.

The mirror service is hosted on a 1Gbps link located at SharkTECH in Chicago, IL, USA.

The mirror can be accessed via HTTP, FTP, RSYNC, and AnonCVS (OpenBSD only).

Current Network Status
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mirrordown 4:35
uranusdown 4:35
pu-westusdown 4:35
mercurydown 4:35
venusdown 4:35
himaliadown 4:35
vm-masterdown 4:35
pu-centralusdown 4:35
marsdown 4:35
pu-eastusdown 15:18
earth-xndown 15:18
jupiterdown 15:23

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