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Welcome to PlanetUnix Networks

The most popular public service offered by PlanetUnix Networks is our Mirror Service.

The mirror service is hosted on a 100Mbps link located at SharkTECH in Chicago, IL, USA.

The mirror can be accessed via HTTP, FTP, RSYNC, and AnonCVS (OpenBSD only).

Current Network Status

NetBSD 6.1.4

up 113+13:12

2 users

load: 2.30 2.29 2.24

cpu27.4% user0.0% nice32.5% sys4.8% intr35.3% idle
xennet03239.32 Kb/s in1056.79 Kb/s out2621 pps in2452 pps out
xennet10.16 Kb/s in0.61 Kb/s out2 pps in2 pps out

NetBSD 5.99.23

up 113+13:09

1 user

load: 0.95 0.90 0.95

cpu8.3% user0.0% nice3.9% sys7.0% intr80.9% idle
bge02930.68 Kb/s in910.04 Kb/s out2350 pps in2171 pps out
etherip00.07 Kb/s in0.04 Kb/s out1 pps in0 pps out
ping10. loss32.718 min35.548 avg45.854 max3.728 std

OpenBSD 5.2

up 113+13:07

1 user

load: 0.09 0.11 0.13

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.1% sys0.6% intr99.2% idle
em00.22 Kb/s in0.19 Kb/s out1 pps in1 pps out
em11.26 Kb/s in0.66 Kb/s out4 pps in4 pps out
ping172. loss32.778 min34.216 avg41.050 max2.314 std
ping172. loss0.383 min0.634 avg2.682 max0.683 std
ping172. loss27.108 min27.615 avg28.350 max0.390 std
ping172. loss54.718 min55.165 avg56.231 max0.519 std
ping172. loss34.122 min34.583 avg35.339 max0.465 std

OpenBSD 5.2

up 113+12:54

0 users

load: 0.10 0.09 0.08

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.3% sys0.2% intr99.5% idle
em00.68 Kb/s in0.76 Kb/s out2 pps in2 pps out
ping172. loss37.719 min39.822 avg48.462 max3.253 std
ping172. loss1.236 min1.380 avg1.443 max0.071 std
ping172. loss28.753 min29.526 avg31.315 max0.687 std
ping172. loss53.440 min53.899 avg55.083 max0.539 std
ping172. loss33.590 min34.099 avg35.153 max0.542 std

OpenBSD 5.2

up 113+12:51

0 users

load: 0.08 0.12 0.15

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.0% sys0.1% intr99.9% idle
em00.01 Kb/s in0.00 Kb/s out0 pps in0 pps out
em10.02 Kb/s in0.07 Kb/s out0 pps in0 pps out

OpenBSD 5.6

up 37+10:28

0 users

load: 0.00 0.00 0.00

cpu0.7% user0.0% nice0.0% sys0.0% intr0.0% idle
bge00.54 Kb/s in0.95 Kb/s out2 pps in3 pps out
sk01.96 Kb/s in1.23 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss33.865 min36.555 avg50.116 max5.083 std
ping172. loss32.954 min35.592 avg48.991 max5.067 std
ping172. loss22.769 min25.826 avg40.285 max5.357 std
ping172. loss85.405 min87.791 avg96.271 max3.708 std
ping172. loss55.917 min58.506 avg71.195 max4.815 std

NetBSD 6.0.1

up 37+10:28

0 users

load: 0.00 0.28 1.23

cpu0.2% user0.0% nice1.0% sys0.5% intr98.3% idle
bge00.95 Kb/s in0.61 Kb/s out3 pps in3 pps out
etherip00.04 Kb/s in0.07 Kb/s out0 pps in1 pps out

NetBSD 6.1.4

up 37+10:28

0 users

load: 0.02 0.01 0.07

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.0% sys0.0% intr100.0% idle
xennet00.09 Kb/s in0.07 Kb/s out1 pps in0 pps out

OpenBSD 5.2

up 37+10:26

0 users

load: 2.03 0.92 0.52

cpu44.6% user0.0% nice54.0% sys1.0% intr0.4% idle
em00.51 Kb/s in0.23 Kb/s out1 pps in2 pps out
em10.04 Kb/s in0.07 Kb/s out0 pps in1 pps out

OpenBSD 5.2

up 37+10:26

0 users

load: 0.15 0.10 0.08

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.0% sys0.0% intr100.0% idle
em00.03 Kb/s in0.07 Kb/s out0 pps in0 pps out

OpenBSD 5.2

up 37+10:26

0 users

load: 0.13 0.11 0.08

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.7% sys0.4% intr98.9% idle
em00.57 Kb/s in0.16 Kb/s out2 pps in1 pps out
em10.11 Kb/s in0.00 Kb/s out1 pps in0 pps out

FreeBSD 10.2

up 11+21:35

0 users

load: 0.16 0.34 0.32

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.2% sys0.0% intr99.7% idle
hn00.72 Kb/s in0.81 Kb/s out2 pps in2 pps out
ping172. loss22.500 min23.278 avg26.605 max1.205 std
ping172. loss28.667 min29.141 avg31.231 max0.723 std
ping172. loss26.147 min26.648 avg28.165 max0.584 std
ping172. loss65.817 min66.251 avg66.669 max0.361 std
ping172. loss30.585 min30.857 avg31.241 max0.194 std

FreeBSD 10.2

up 11+18:55

0 users

load: 0.44 0.33 0.31

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.2% sys0.1% intr99.7% idle
hn00.79 Kb/s in0.75 Kb/s out2 pps in2 pps out
ping172. loss85.051 min88.728 avg106.949 max6.340 std
ping172. loss53.154 min54.070 avg55.799 max0.844 std
ping172. loss53.372 min54.080 avg55.978 max0.763 std
ping172. loss66.254 min66.498 avg66.853 max0.395 std
ping172. loss40.546 min41.136 avg43.055 max0.691 std

FreeBSD 10.2

up 11:43

0 users

load: 0.27 0.27 0.25

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.2% sys0.0% intr99.8% idle
hn00.68 Kb/s in0.75 Kb/s out2 pps in2 pps out
ping172. loss55.371 min56.209 avg58.556 max0.865 std
ping172. loss33.113 min35.084 avg49.623 max4.859 std
ping172. loss33.023 min36.200 avg48.859 max5.613 std
ping172. loss30.826 min33.942 avg47.114 max5.824 std
ping172. loss40.631 min43.809 avg56.564 max5.689 std

PlanetUnix Networks' News Archive
9-28-2007     Brian

After a lot of customization and intense scripting, we have created a web hosting environment inside a chroot(2) jail. Kilo-Hosting is offering web hosting services based on our custom environment. Check them out for your hosting needs.

9-24-2007     Brian

The mirror server in Los Angeles will be replaced by a dual Xeon E5310 Dell PowerEdge SC1430 around mid-October.Cool Stuff.

8-26-2007     Brian

Our mirror service has been moved to Los Angeles, CA and is hosted at CalPOP.

4-23-2007     Brian

Third patch applied to all the OpenBSD systems which requires another reboot.

12-26-2006     Brian

Our mirror service is now hosting the NetBSD release engineering snapshot tree, as well as a NetBSD WWW mirror.

11-01-2006     Brian

The mirror service is now hosting a full, official NetBSD mirror via FTP, HTTP, and RSYNC.

10-17-2006     Brian

Both mail servers are now using the OpenBSD spamd(8) to filter incoming mail.

9-28-2006     Brian

Brought new backup server venus online. It will provide 960 GB of online backup space for all servers and workstations. Also purchased three more 320 GB ATA-133 hard drives from TigerDirect.

9-25-2006     Brian

Purchased two 320 GB ATA-133 hard drives for the mirror. This will expand our capacity to close to a terabyte. If you are interested in having a site mirrored, please e-mail me.

9-20-2006     Brian

Sent e-mail to OpenBSD www@ mailing list regarding mirror site. We should see some utilization soon after.

9-17-2006     Brian

Finished updating our cgi proxy for SSL support. The service members overseas in my old unit should enjoy this.

5-1-2006     Brian

OpenBSD archive created and population finished. Downloaded versions as far back as 2.0 from several mirrors across the globe.

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